BFGA has developed a unique series of workshops for the Green Teen program of Cornell Cooperative Extension. For a number of years, teens have explored the fields of horticulture and landscape design at the Beatrix Farrand Garden at the Bellefield Mansion. The students examine Farrand’s design principles at work in the garden and then create their own often elaborate even fanciful designs based on these concepts. Workshops in horticulture encourage participants to record observations of plant life and learn both the importance of Latin nomenclature as well as the poetry often found in common names. The workshop series concludes with a look at Farrand’s legacy as a pioneer both as the first woman in the field of landscape architecture and as an innovator in American design. The opportunity to experience Farrand’s garden still flourishing today after more than 100 years teaches young people that beauty can be transformative and that excellent design stands the test of time and can reach across the generations.  

BFGA also offers a series of programs for young people with the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, and the National Park Service Junior Ranger Camp. 

If your young adult program would like to participate in our educational offerings please contact us!